Vehicle Car Wrapping in Miami

We offer several value added services in field of car and boat wrapping technology. Our attention to detail as well as reliability of our products allows us to stand out, the rest of our competitors in the market, in the greater Miami area.

Vinyl Wrap Car

An all new custom paint job can easily cost up to $20,000 on average and this figure does not even include several hidden costs such as, disassembling and reassembling, not to mention the many dings and dents and rusty that a car collects over time.  Our car vinyl wrapping costs a fraction of that price. Our car wrap costs are but a bare fraction of a full paint job, and best of all, they leave your original paint in its original showroom condition.

Chrome Car Wrap

Many people want to retain their anonymity and drive in usual basic colors that not stand out from rest the crowd. But if you really want to stand out and make your mark, then the black chrome car wrap is the thing for you. We offer some of the classiest chrome car wraps around.

Holographic Car Wrap

The Holographic Car wrap, is not just distinctive, but it can radically alter the look of the vehicle. even as it changes its colors while you are driving it around. So why stick to one color only, when you can have them all? We offer a vast array of holographic car wraps to choose from.

Carbon Fiber Car Wrap

A Carbon fiber car wrap is a great way to make a statement. It is elegant without been showy, understated without being brash. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to different without compromising their individuality. If you want to hop off bandwagon then come and check our large variety of carbon fiber car wrap products

Custom Vinyl Lettering, Decals, Signs & Graphics

We provide vinyl graphics, custom signs, decals, vinyl lettering to promote your business on your vehicle, walls or windows.