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Anyone who is looking for a reputed car repair specialist can get in touch with Worldwide Car Connect. The company maintains a strong reputation by offering a variety of services, including auto paint, auto accident repair,  custom car wraps and auto full body repair. Call us at 786-707-7511 to learn more about the services available.

We at Worldwide Car Connect have created our business with the core aim of providing high quality car body repair services, with unique flair for creativity and high quality that is our personal hall mark.

We firmly believe in creating that amazing ‘first impression’ when never you take your car or boat out for a spin. We attribute our success to our attention to detail as well as the high quality of our customized services.  Car wraps ranging from our holographic car wraps to our signature carbon fiber car wrap series are not only great to look at, but also highly durable as well.

Ultimately, we are also able to serve all our customers’ needs because we listen to them and thereby help them unleash their own creatively, using their vehicles and boats as the medium to express themselves to their full potential.  We always pay heed to our customers’ ideas and translate them into veritable works of art that they feel proud to own.

We have a lot of experience in different types of vinyl wrapping such as Custom color change, auto wrap protective film and black wrap car to quote but a few services that we provide under our banner.

Vehicle Wraps For Your Business

We are also amongst the leading pioneers in the field of boat wrap vinyl in the Miami city area. We offer enthralling boat wrap designs that will be sure to turn heads whenever you take your boat out for a day on the sea. Our boat wrap designs are very tough and durable and can last for years even in salt water conditions.   We also offer commercial wrapping services for not just vehicles but boats and yachts as well. We have a lot of expertise in the field of commercial boat and vehicle wrapping. And help our customers earn substantial remuneration through our commercial wraps include both custom boat wraps and car body wrap services.

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