Hotsy, Hot In Pressure Washing Cleaning Applications

Hotsy is the number one name in manufacturing industrial hot pressure washers in the territory of North America. Due to their unprecedented popularity in making hot water pressure washers, they decided to name their company to Hotsy. For first time users of pressure washers, it might be difficult for them to decide on what are the right types of pressure washers to use between the hot and cold types. But do not worry, Hotsy has a mission to let you choose the appropriate pressure washer for your lifestyle and cleaning purposes. Meanwhile, Hotsy focuses more on industrial pressure washers.

An Overview Of Hotsy Company

The Hotsy company has a wide array of hot water pressure washers for their clients who have unique and diverse cleaning needs. Some of the well-known pressure washer products of Hotsy are the Fuel Oil Heated and Electric Powered, Fuel Oil Heated, and Gas hot water pressure washer cleaners.

The Hotsy 500 series Pressure Washer

The Hotsy 500 series hot water pressure washer is an example of a Fuel Oil Heated and an Electric Powered pressure washer. These particular hot pressure washers from Hotsy has a direct-pump drive that has a 1000 to 1500 PSI. For a more detailed description, the Hotsy 500 series is a state-of-the-art technology of a hot water pressure washer. It can deliver affordable and rugged cleaning performance for several cleaning purposes like agriculture and building hot water pressure washing.

On the other hand, commercial pressure washers are also available in the market ideally used for restaurants, malls and other commercial establishments that need to ensure the sanitation of their facilities. The Mattson Distributing Company is one of the front-runners in the manufacture and the distribution of commercial pressure washers. This company is one of the affiliate distributors of Hotsy. They have over 100 models of hot and cold pressure washers. As far as their commercial pressure washers are concerned, their hot water pressure washers utilize a powerful force of hot pressured water along with heat to remove stubborn greases and oils.

The Hotsy pressure washers are made of efficient upright hot burners, with superb heat transfer for a bacteria-free cleaning. In addition, the Hotsy pressure washers have heating coils of different sizes to fit the various pressure washer models.

Hotsy, Hotsy, the name you can trust in pressure washing cleaning.