Fair Play Casino lowers deposit limit to €400 for young adults

Fair Play Casino lowers deposit limit to €400 for young adults

Online casino Fair Play Online is lowering its deposit limit to €400 per month for young adults. Players aged 18 to 23 will only be able to deposit a maximum of €400 per month into their accounts.

The measure comes after the Dutch casino and Indian online casinos, such as bollywood-casino.com/game/teen-patti/, previously made no distinction in terms of deposit limits between young adults and adults aged 24 and over. Meanwhile, if you are between the ages of 18 and 23, you have to prove that you can financially afford it if you want to deposit more than €400 per month.

The measure came into effect last Friday, March 11, 2022, making it a big change from the previous deposit limit of, €5000, which applied to all players. Young adults at Fair Play Casino who wish to change the deposit limit can, however, submit an application to do so. In doing so, they must provide proof in their account why they can afford to play with larger amounts.

Based on the evidence, customer service can thus decide to set a new limit. Proof of income can include salary, profit from business activities, sale of assets, inheritance, and savings. With a limit of €400 per month for young adults, the provider is at the bottom of the league.

Of all the legal providers active in the Netherlands, only ZEbet operates with a lower maximum. The brand-new sports betting provider has a deposit limit of €250 per month for players under the age of 24.

About Fair Play Online

Fair Play Online is the online casino of gaming provider Fair Play, which also operates 38 land-based establishments in the Netherlands.

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Fair Play’s new online casino has been live in the Netherlands since October 6, 2021.

On this website, Dutch players can find 500 casino games including online slots, table games, and jackpot games.

There are also bingo games to play and users can visit the live casino and the sites of their partners in the form of womenchangemakers.in. Fair Play Online does not offer casino bonuses.